You Deserve Recognition!

We hear you and we stand with you!

CNAs often feel a lack of incentive, acknowledgement, or recognition. It feels as if they are invisible and just a number. Employers are resistant to allowing CNA to take care of their own personal business.

In Your Words…

“I work my butt off at a job that gives me little to absolutely no recognition. I’ve been working in the healthcare industry, taking care of people’s parents/grandparents during this entire pandemic with nothing to show for it but a chocolate bar and a t shirt. Putting MY LIFE on the line and making sure my residents are HAPPY HEALTHY AND SAFE. I’m a GOOD CNA, i take care of 20+ residents at a time and I CARE. I CARE about their day, I CARE about their health, and I CARE about their wellbeing. My residents are my BEST FRIENDS and the absolute only reason I go to work every day is for THEM. I know what kind of worker I am, I know I’m a damn good worker. BUT as soon and I get sick, or as soon as I have stuff going on in my own life, administration is so quick to put my job on the line. There are so many lazy CNA’s who don’t give a CRAP and are literally there just for the money. I’m so tired of being under appreciated. I’m so tired of breaking my back and picking up the slack of other CNA’s that literally just don’t CARE.”

(Anonymous Quote from CNAs Only Facebook Page)