You Deserve Respect

We hear you and we stand with you!

CNAs often feel that they lack respect from their employers and co-workers. They have the most contact, build relationships and are often the first to recognize changes in their client. They have one of the hardest and most important jobs in patient care.

In Your Words…

“Why do CNAs feel the need to defend their job on a daily?? I am one of them. You’re right, i am on the low end of pole when it comes to nursing, yep..I’m called the glorified ass wiper. And yes i know, i know my opinion doesn’t mean crap cause the initials after my name are CNA. HOWEVER, first…I’m the one there when nobody can be, I’m the one that gives my heart to a patient so they are a lil bit comfortable in their weakest days, I’m make them beautiful when their feeling like a hot mess, I’m also the one that notices the slightest change and notifies the nurse on something she/he may not have seem. I may even have been the one to save a life or prevent more damage to an already damaged soul. 9 out of 10x I’m the first to call it and I’m spot on with my call. I’m a very smart, caring and very compassionate person, I am also my patients advocate and if you think one minute I’ll allow you to disrespect me cause I’m jus the CNA or my patient ya got life messed up. At any given time you want to do what I do by all means do it…rest assure though, I’m one of the best there is…good luck filling jus my CNA shoes! All the things I doubt in life, my CNA skills I don’t doubt at all!

(Anonymous Quote from CNAs Only Facebook Page)