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CNAs feel that residents are being neglected because of short staffing. The entire medical community is overwhelmed and stressed in keeping up with the demands. They love the purpose of helping others but feel this isn’t sustainable if things don’t change.

In your words…

“Rant! So like ever other building mine is short staffed. My unit has 19 residents currently and one aide and one nurse on 11-7. They’ve been pulling the aides to help the unit in front of ours leaving the nurse alone or pulling my nurses(I have 2 that rotate) to do a med cart 2 units over leaving the aide alone. Today we had a resident elope outside 2x. I came in tonight to be told she’s a 1:1 but we have no one to watch her but myself leaving my nurse to answer lights do changes med pass chart and vitals on all 19 residents! I asked my supervisor what do I do while she’s on her med pass she told me the lights will have to ring! How is that fair or safe for my other 18 resident’s… sorry folks you can’t have the bedpan or toilet tonight because of lack of staff! It’s sad to say during such a nursing shortage but so over nursing this is why no one wants to work this field anymore. I should mention she’s being moved to our locked down unit tomorrow but why not do it today why make other Residents neglected!!!”

(Anonymous Quote from CNAs Only Facebook Page)